Relationship Management

It is a business tool that allows you to manage all your customers, partners and prospects information all in one place.

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Codex CRM software is a cloud based Business & Customer Relationship Management Solution built for all types of businesses.

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Codex CRM Software helps to organize, automatise the business processes for an organization with sales, leads. Codex CRM Software provides all kind of customer interactions.

  • CRM Software Improves the Sales Productivity
  • CRM Software is a Efficient Solution for campaign Management.
  • CRM Software Improves the accuracy of Business.

CRM Software for Lead Management & Team Planning

Planned Activities

CRM Software Process & Managing the Activities are the most important. CodexCRM Software in hyderabad Helps team to plan their activities in a perfect way and it saves more time and organize work more effectively.

Future Planned Activities

Codex CRM Software help you to organize all future activities and meetings remind you for that particular day. It helps you to make the proper follow up with customers in time.

Pending Activities

While you are busy with customer meetings, you may miss few scheduled activities to meet them. CRM Software maintain all the pending activities and reschedule their meetings.This can be possible through CRM Software services in hyderabad.

Completed Activities

CodexCRM Software easily view all completed activities. It helps you to view the customers interaction with sales team.

Manage Sales Team Day Plan


Easy Reporting

Codex CRM allows you to get an easy reporting the way you wanted. Activities performed by the users it will show you in your dashboard to understand what is planned and achieved. CodexCRM is the best CRM Software company in hyderabad.

Enquiries Attended today

Through CRM Software in hyderabad you can easily understand how many new enquiries attended by your team today through various sources in CRM. Using Single click can view the status of the enquiries.

User, Channel Partner CRM Software Mobile App

Manage All Activities

Through the CRM Software Mobile App you can manage all the activities today planned, future planned, pending activities and start interacting with the customers. Users can make a call directly and send SMS,Email, update or schedule the activities using mobile app.

Task Management

Task management helps you to assign the tasks to team and track the status of the tasks using crm software mobile app. You can view, download the documents and you can reassign the task to some other member.All these services can be given by CRM software services in hyderabad.

Channel Partners

Track the all customers coming from channel partners through channel partner app. Once they send you the customers through the Channel Partner App, you can start activities, follow ups with the customers through CRM Software mobile app.

View Planned Activities

Channel Partners can view their given customers planned activities and help your sales team to progress the customers through CRM Software Mobile App.

View Completed Activities

Channel Partners can view their customers completed activities through CRM Software Mobile App to understand the progress of their given customers.

Bulk SMS, Email through CRM Software

Personalized SMS

Using CRM Software start sending the group SMS as well as the personalized SMS. Every communication will be stored in CRM Software lead view page for future reference.

Personalized Email

Create the email templates through CRM Software for sending group emails to the customer groups as personalized emails. Every group email stored in CRM Software lead view page along with the email subject and email text for future reference.

Upload Various Data

For email, sms campaigns, you may have the contacts of mobile number and email. You can start uploading the contacts by using excel sheet for email and sms campaigns.This can be completed through CRM Software in hyderabad.

Send SMS

After uploading the database all the contact visible to you. You just need to select the template and start your campaign.

Send Email

Through the contacts added in CRM bulk uploads, you can start email campaigns with image and text and start storing every communication through CRM Software for future reference

Summary on Defined Activities and Know Cost Per Sale

Team-wise Performance

Using CRM Software,You can ease understand the performance of team and their activities along with the details of the customers they are interacting.These are provided by crm software services in hyderabad.

Reasons for Dropout

When a customer is not interested for product or services to captures the reason for dropout. So that the summary will be helpful to improve the weak areas and enhance the sales experience.

Pending activity Tracking

Using Codex CRM Software can view the pending activity customers user wise to understand not following customers in time.

Capture Every Expenditure

It captures every expenditure made towards marketing,employee salary,incentives storing in the database for the calculation.This can be done by Codex CRM software company in hyderabad.

Manage Source Cost with Sales CRM

Using CRM Software add the expenses towards every marketing source.Codex CRM Software calculates the cost per sale on source and understand which source giving sale at lower price.

Task Management

Assign the Task

Assign the task using CRM software or mobile CRM is easily and start assigning the task to the users in company and start managing the task, track and update any information if required by the person who assigned the task and finish the task in quick time.

Track the Task

Through CRM Software task management, tracking of the task status whether it is in the process or it is still pending. If want to change the user on click can change.

Update the Task

Task assigned through CRM task management,can view in assigned tasks and start performing the task and upload the necessary documents according to the task if required.

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